Audrey Bitoni Biography

Take one look at Audrey Bitoni and all you see is a bundle of sexy.  She exudes a sense of sensuality and knows exactly how to work those curves of hers!  Most of our Juliland dolls lived far away from California when they were young girls dreaming about fucking on film.  But Audrey is a different story.  She hails from the beautiful city of Pasadena, California — a covert hotbed of hotties if there ever was one.  And now after five years in the adult industry, Audrey is now on more sites than we can count.  Of course, nothing can compare to her extensive work here at Juliland.

Saying Richard loves Audrey would be a bit of an understatement. By the quality and quantity of her work, it should be abundantly clear that these two simply click.  But, what’s the secret to their chemistry? In a word – fun. When these two get together, cameras come out, clothes vanish, toys appear, things get slippery and wet, and magic transpires. As always, the results speak for themselves.

We wish we could have Miss Bitoni here at the Juliland lair every single day, but she’s a very busy grrl traveling and working.  Nevertheless, she still finds time to relax and indulge in her love for hiking in the hills. Biggest surprise about Audrey: she’s damn funny and loves to laugh. In fact, Audrey always has Dick laughing hysterically on set – it’s amazing he has time to shoot any fotos! And in their usual fashion, they never disappoint and always deliver the goods.

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